Vision, Mission, Objectives

Our Vision:                  A world where all beings live with an open heart.

Our Mission:              Support all beings in awakening and expanding their consciousness so that

they align with their life purpose and contribute to society in a way that is of

optimal benefit to themselves and others.

Our Objectives:

1) Promote the holistic development of young people through education.

2) Facilitate self discovery, self empowerment and autonomy of people by the

provision of educational resources and programs.

3) Encourage and support people in aligning with their passions to bring about

positive changes in themselves and society.

4) Maximise young people's health and well-being by providing psycho-social

support and encouraging artistic expression.

5) Support vulnerable communities to relieve hardship and optimise well-being by

implementing international aid and development programs.

6) Reduce the incidence and effects of poverty by the optimal use of resources

so that people's physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs are met.

7) Create a culture of holistic sustainability by implementing sustainable

practices and programs.

8) Foster harmony, peace and unity by enhancing understanding and

acceptance of oneself and others.

9) Develop and strengthen cooperative and collaborative connections among

individuals, groups and communities, through informal and formal networks.