Management Team

President - Tara Skipper B. Sc. (Natural Geography), B. Letters (Psychology),  Post Grad. Dip. (Psychology), Grad. Dip. (Education) , Curently completing an MA (Clinical Psychology), 

Registered Provisional Psychologist; Registered Primary School Teacher;

Tara has a deep love of learning which reflects her curiosity about life, and in particular, personal growth.  Part of her passion for learning is sharing her knowledge with others and she has taught at a number of progressive independent primary schools for a number of years.  She is currently completing a Master in Clinical Psychology with a strong focus on the field of positive psychology.  Tara co-founded OPEN HARTS with her husband Doug.  Her professional work as teacher and psychologist contribute to the development of OPEN HARTS programs and activities.


Director - Douglas Skipper  B.Soc. Sc. (Soc Welfare), Dip. Fitness, Dip. Com. Welfare

Doug loves personal development and social change. Over the past fifteen years he has been exploring his inner and outer worlds, primarily through meditation, yoga, work (paid and voluntary), study, travel and the relationships that have developed by following his heart.  In choosing a path with a heart, Doug and his wife Tara founded OPEN HARTS, which they see as a vehicle for the expression of Love - in all its forms. 


Treasurer - Jenny Daly (B.Bus) 

Jenny is currently working at moving off her L plates at being a first time mum!! It's the greatest challenge of her life and the most rewarding. Jenny's most recent paid work was managing a training team, facilitating in house training and leadership development for 600 staff. Jenny has had an eclectic career before this including being a tour guide up the east coast of Australia and on the Sydney harbour bridge, an outdoor education instructor, nanny and child care worker. Jenny has a bachelor of business majoring in human resources. Her passions are her family and fitting in as much travel and adventure into life as possible!


Management Committee Member - Wilma Skipper

As a retired person Wilma enjoys a mind and body balance through fitness, study and volunteer activities.  Her family gives her great pleasure as her children are realising their dreams and giving their children the values that will guide and sustain them morally, ethically and compassionately throughout their lives.


Secretary - Susy Chin: Dip. Fashion Technology

Management Committee Member - Olga Geshwend

Management Committee Member - Daniel Harris B. Social Work